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We provide eBay Trading Assistance taking the hassle out of eBaying... you simply provide pictures (or allow us to collect from your home) set a reserve price and we take care of the rest.

We create a professional listing to help maximise your profit, your next involvment is recieving your money.

The whole auction process can be watched via the auction link we send to you.

Compare all of this with creating your own listings:

1. You will need to take photo's and upload them into your computer.

2. You will need to find the time to create an eBay listing. Without experience mistakes are often made (so much so that there are dedicated eBay users who find the items where a mistake was made in the listing such as spelling or listing under the wrong category and they then buy the items incredibly cheaply only to re-list with corrections and get a higher sale).

3. Once an item is listed you then have to regularly monitor the situation as customers ask questions and expect a speedy response. Without a quick response some customers will look elsewhere.

4. After the sale you then have to process the payment and then arrange packing and shipping to the buyer.

Using our services removes all the hassle.

1. No photo's to take.

2. No getting to grips with creating an eBay listing

3. No making costly mistakes in spelling or listing in wrong category

4. No regular monitoring to answer customer questions

5. No worrying about processing payment (cashing cheques, creating a Paypal account)

6. No obtaining boxes or wrapping materials and shipping item to the buyer

7. No having to pay eBay fees at a later date

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