Want to learn the practical skills to help you save money? A new Sky TV series wants to hear from you.

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Does your household LACK the basic mending, cleaning, cooking and DIY skills which could help save you money?

An exciting new life makeover series for Sky TV is looking for families, couples and households who want to acquire skills which will help them live more economically and be more ecologically friendly.

Do you throw good money after bad sorting out basic DIY household chores? Do you waste food because you can’t cook and economise? Are there items in your wardrobe which can’t be worn simply because you can’t thread a needle?

In a crash course in common sense, our team of home experts will share with you enough old-fashioned wisdom and practical know-how to set you on the path to a thriftier and niftier lifestyle.

If your household is useless at fending for themselves and you would relish the opportunity to learn all of the practical tips to get by in these times of recession, or if it sounds like someone you know, then Tern TV want to hear from you.

Please email generationfix@terntv.com or call 0141 241 6070

Leaving your name, age, location, contact details and a brief outline on why you need some help.